Banners on a Friday night..

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Painting a shop banner to hang at the local Roller Derby match this Saturday night:

Clarence Valley Roller Derby League Inc & NCDC presents ‘ It’s ‘CANE’…ing Time


Saturday 26th May, 2012, doors open 5pm

Raymond Laurie Sports Centre 78 Angourie Road, Yamba

See you there!


Good reads #1

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Tattoo: Secrets of a Strange Art first appeared in 1933, when the majority of people with tattoos were sailors, prostitutes and criminals. Venturing from waterfront tattoo parlours to circus midways, author Albert Parry talked to many of the great tattoo artists of the twentieth century about their techniques. Parry was among the first to analyze the customs subconscious motivations and to expose its erotic implications. His stories examine overt and subliminal tattoo messages of masochistic tendencies, membership in a select society, sexual fantasy and romantic devotion, patriotism and religious zest. A unique historical document and a compelling psychological study, this book offers a thought-provoking look at one aspect of the human drive for self-expression.


First published in 1933 by Simon and Schuster New York; Republished by Dover Publications UK

A day in the studio

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Guest Artist – Nick Edwards

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We have a guest artist, Nick Edwards from Melbourne who will be working in the shop on Thursday 10th May and Friday 11th May.

Nick currently works from Tattoo Connection in Melbourne and has been in Brisbane doing a guest spot at Black Throne for the last few weeks.

Nick does some great work you can check it out at


Get in quick as Nick will only be here for 2 days!


Al – leather

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Al – raven

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Hey love, we now have gift vouchers!

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